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21 Simple Photoshop “Hacks”

Some of these are helpful while others are awful.  Use discretion.  Link

Ancient Chinese Art for the 21st Century


Yang Yongliang’s mission is to preserve ancient Chinese aesthetics through modern techniques.

“I was born to create with a Chinese mind. At the same time, I was born in the Information Age, where technology grows fast, and new media and photography are handy tools for me,”Yongliang said via email. “Tools change by time, but the traditional Chinese methods of thinking don’t.”

Still, his work is in many ways an act of conservation. In an interview with the Creators Project, he said he fears that Chinese art is bound for extinction if it doesn’t adapt to the times.

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Sea Change – A Tidal Journey

These Photos Of Britain's Tidal Changes Are StunningSince 2003 Michael Marten has travelled to different parts of the British coast to photograph identical views at high and low tide, six or eighteen hours apart. His beautiful and surprising photographs reveal how the twice daily rhythm of ebb and flood can dramatically transform the landscape.

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