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Nightmares Fear Factory

The haunted house has sold visitors roller coaster-variety souvenir pictures for more than 10 years, snapping them in two locations in the maze. The staff shuffles through them regularly to find their Flickr picks.

The factory is actually a dark multilevel maze that takes about 10 minutes to navigate — unless you decide to bolt for the exits early. It’s open 365 days a year — despite, Mr. Popat noted, the cold weather in a region where the temperatures alone can be a fright.

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Metro Collective

Metro Collective is an international coalition of independent photographers, united by common values and a shared dedication to the expressive documentary spirit, where authorship and a personal visual aesthetic are grounded in humanistic stories and themes. Metro represents the individual visions of our members, a common platform for our long-term projects and our best, most personal work.

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‘Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera’ Takes 360-Degree Pictures In Mid-Air

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which makes a picture from Jonas Pfeil’s “Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera” worth about 360,000. The contraption has 36 “2-megapixel mobile phone camera modules which all click together to create a full panorama.” The camera modules are all embedded into a ball, which, when you throw it, captures a 360 degree view of the highest point of its arc. The pictures from every angle, even behind the photographer, combine the images into one shot of the full global panorama. The images can all be translated digitally onto the computer. This new technological marvel captures what the human eye cannot.

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Stunning Photos of Nature’s Rarities


Every now and then, we’re lucky enough to capture that natural rarity — the one that sparks our imagination and gives us a deeper appreciation for the world around us. Then there are the nature photographers who make it their mission to not simply catch the event, but also to create something that’s both striking and emotionally captivating.

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Last Week to enter FotoDC Youth Contest-deadline 10/9!!

Enter Contest

Each contestant may enter up to five (5) photos in total. The photos can be entered in any of the five categories listed below.

1. PEOPLE: Portraits, candids, family, friends, etc.
2. ANIMALS: Household pets, backyard wildlife, zoo animals, farm animals, ect.
3. LANDSCAPE: Rural and urban scenery
4. SCHOOL LIFE: School Life: Learning & interaction with teachers, teams and sports, activities at school.
5. SOCIAL CHANGE: Making the world a better place.

National Portfolio Day at MICA – Dec. 4th

National Portfolio Day is an opportunity to meet the representatives from more than 50 of the nations leading art colleges and universities.

Bring your portfolio of work and meet with representatives from some of this nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities. You will receive counseling on the strengths that they see in your work. The purpose of a portfolio review is to guide and encourage your development as an artist and to offer information about the programs of study available at the participating institutions. Students, parents, and teachers are invited to attend.

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